Cape Verde

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Cape Verde is one of the hottest property locations in the world, with land values rising rapidly due to the booming tourism industry.

In fact, the number of tourists visiting the islands has risen by 107% over the past five years and is expected to top 1,000,000 by 2015. The Expedia travel website recently voted Cape Verde one of the top ten holiday destinations in the world, thanks to its wonderful climate, incredible beaches and welcoming culture.

All of which makes a Cape Verde investment the perfect opportunity for capital growth, rental income or resale.

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The story of Cape Verde begins in 1456, when Portuguese seafarers discovered the islands and founded Ribeira Grande, the first European town in the tropics.

Cape Verde, and in particular Sal Island, became popular with the advent of the ocean liner. The island’s location made it the perfect stop-over for the transportation of coal, water and livestock. And when the aeroplane replaced the ocean liner, Cape Verde opened an international airport on Sal in 1948.

Independence from Portugal came in 1975 and today Cape Verde enjoys a very stable political structure with a growing economy. The government is encouraging tourists to visit the islands, and is preserving their unique character with strict guidelines on development.

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Cape Verdean culture is a true mix of European and African. In fact, the 400 years of Portuguese influence can still be found in architecture, lifestyle and the arts, combined with elements of African culture in the music, literature and arts.

The Cape Verde coast is rich with fish and seafood, so these make up a large part of the islands’ cuisine. Especially popular are tuna, swordfish, moray eel, cuttlefish, mussels and shrimp.

Beer, wine and local spirits are widely available including the famous grogue, a local sugar cane liquor often drunk with honey. There are also some excellent red and white wines being produced on the islands.

Cape Verde Location

Nestling in the Atlantic Ocean some 450 kilometres off the west coast of Africa and one hour south of the Canary Islands, Cape Verde consists of ten islands and five islets.

Boasting some of the best beaches in the world, it is the nearest group of tropical islands to the UK. In fact, Cape Verde is on the same latitude as Barbados but three hours closer with direct flights from the UK taking just 5½ hours, which means no jet lag.

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The beautiful islands of Cape Verde have been described as the ‘Caribbean for Europe’. They enjoy the same dry, tropical climate yet are so much closer for European tourists to visit.

As well as the tropical sunshine, Cape Verde enjoys a cooling breeze that drifts around the islands and keeps temperatures to a pleasant 22° to 30° all year round.

Cape Verde has no low season and no hurricanes, and holiday-makers enjoy almost endless year-round sunshine, perfect for lazy days by the pool or on the pure white sand beaches.